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Which Headwear is In Fashion This Season?

Hats are a timeless fashion accessory which are functional but can also add to your style to create a look which is unique to you. Before choosing headwear, you should consider factors such as:

  • The season(s) you wish to wear it.
  • Whether it’s for casual and/or formal wear.
  • The type of hat which suits the shape of your face.
  • Choosing a colour which goes with your skin tones.

Let’s look at some of the styles of hat which are fashionable at the moment.

Baseball caps

Originally with a simplistic 5-panel design and adjustable strap at the back, baseball caps have evolved into many variations such as dad hats, snapbacks and trucker caps. Made of polyester and/or cotton, these caps are ideal for the summer although waterproofing on some models allows them to be worn all the year round. They come in a wide range of colors and designs to match anything in your wardrobe while you can also find them with the names of your favorite team to personalize them even more.

Bucket Hats

So-called because of their resemblance to an inverted bucket, these hats were originally worn by people indulging in outdoor sports like fishing and hiking. Not only does their sloping brim allow its wearer full visibility, but it can be stuffed in a jacket pocket without fear of damaging it. Made of durable cotton fabrics like canvas or wool blends, bucket hats can add a touch of style to your relaxed urban look.


You don’t have to look like a 1950s employee at the Bank of America to rock the style of a fedora as long as you purchase the right color and width of brim. The advantages of fedoras are that they’re available in a wide range of colors to suit all skin tones, and they are inexpensive as they are made of wool or wool blends. They are much more suitable for colder weather and it’s important to get the right size (from XS-XL). A fedora can add class on a formal occasion – with a suit or pants-blazer ensemble. 

Flat caps

These one-size caps have long been associated with the working classes so it might come as a surprise to learn they are the must-have fashion accessory of the year. Flat caps suit most shapes of face. Made of warm materials like wool or tweed, they can have an extra lining for extra warmth in cold weather. Unlined, they can be worn all the year round with a smart casual outfit.

Panama hats

Originating from Ecuador, panama hats are traditionally white with a contrasting hatband attached to them. Their construction of plaited straw and/or grosgrain make them ideal for the summer months as their lightweight material allows your head to breathe. Teamed with a summer outfit, they are great for your summer vacation whether on the beach or sailing. If money is tight, the best personal loans from direct lenders can help you fund your vacation of a life-time.