Understanding Taebo Gymnastics, Benefits, and How to Do It


In order for us to exercise with the maximum, in addition to a supportive atmosphere, tabata songs that we hear can be more influential. Because, if the music is heard is not appropriate, it can actually be dangerous on our sports activities.

The study of ‘Music in Exercise and Sport Group at Brunel and Spotify’ by sports psychologist Dr. Costas Karageorghis analyzed nearly more than 6.5 million playlists that were heard when a person exercised. The research team compared the beat track per minute (bpm) when the study participants performed a certain sport.

Then, they match the average bpm of the tabata music genre with average bpm of sporting activities such as jogging and running. Well, the researchers found that rap music is the best genre for the core sport movement. When heating and cooling, the music that should be played is a pop genre.

In previous research, Dr. Costas also found that playing music during exercise can help increase motivation so you are positive when you exercise. Then, the intensity and the spirit of the exercise are also higher.

“This means that when the body says stop, music has the power to improve the mood signaled through the body, so you will still exercise,” said Dr. Costas as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Meanwhile, the personal trainee and founder of Urban Fitness Solution, Stanley Sithole, admitted that the choice of music during the sport depends on the taste of each person. However, there are several genres of music that can indeed maximize your practice.

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“Why rap or hip hop is good for exercising because of the lyrics that can be a motivator, while in pop music, although not too much lyrics but the beat tends to make people excited and relaxed,” said Sithole .