Understanding Freakonomics Better – Sumo Wrestling Results

The national sport of Japan, Sumo wrestling, has been the favourite Japanese sport since ancient times. The goal of the sumo wrestlers during the game is to cause their opponents to go off balance or make them touch the ground with any body part other than the sole of their feet. There are complicated methods in place through which the Sumo Wrestlers are ranked in the sport.

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Ranking Is Very Important For Wrestlers

Several Sumo wrestlers live together and play for a common team. Ranking is very important for the Sumo wrestlers since their living standard depends on it. The high ranking players also live within the stables and are served by a low ranking Sumo who takes care of the housekeeping needs. The payment also varies which depends on the difference in skill level between different players. There are total 42 top Sumo wrestlers in Japan who get unmatched fan adulation and lavish pay. And do not miss this match how to watch Jones vs Gustafsson 2 . Those who do not belong to this group, for them the treatment is dramatically different.

Now You Know This Too

The sumo wrestlers have to fight with other opponents to decide their rankings every two months. In one tournament, 15 matches are played between the same opponents, and those who win majority of the matches, are considered to have won the entire fight. Generally, the stronger players have higher chances of winning the matches (66{5f88c76a030d43a57a133c63532a0f797c0e2c347173629cf819dd3e06d5d675}) though when there is a tie between these two players, the chances of the weaker player winning the next game become substantially higher whereas the next game (whenever it takes place) is won by the stronger player.

How Does It Work?

In such cases, it appears the players have arrived at a secret agreement under which the stronger player agrees to lose the match since one loss will not take anything away from him, the weaker player, however, stands to gain substantially since he would reach the coveted 42 member elite group where the payments would be substantially higher for him. The same pattern is evident all across Japan which means the game goes through widespread cheating in these areas.

More Emphasis on Data

Just like other economists, Steven Levitt is concerned more about the data and he analyzes the data to death (to the point of boredom). At times in the book the authors tend to accuse other authors of things that they have done inadvertently themselves. The basic mistake happens to be the same, however, everything in life cannot be reduced to mere numbers.

Starting an Inflatables Business, Beginning With The Introduction of Sumo Suits

For those with a keen business acumen, and who are willing to take a dip into the world of buy to rent, then sumo suits can be a great starting point. From these, one can then progress and become more involved in other areas of party inflatables such as bouncy castles, Zorb balls, water slides etc.

The sumo suit is a good starting point, as the start up costs are relatively low compared with other areas of the inflatables line. Bouncy castles can cost many thousands for example, so it may be wise to start off with an ounce of caution and this is where sumo suit hire come in.

For one, they are very popular and still growing. They are always a hit with all age groups and so word of mouth can be generated quickly. You can have your company name and number, or email address printed on the suits. Another idea would be to get them printed on the safety mat or ring as well, so there is a constant reminder of your business and brand. You could also give out printed cards to the party goers with all your relevant contact information. This way, you will be almost guaranteed to add some potential customers to your list.

Obviously, a website would be ideal as well, or at least a regular blog giving readers the opportunity to follow your businesses movements. This move will make sure your company can be reached by the masses and also prove how dedicated and knowledgeable you are in your product.

The beauty of sumo wrestling suits and other inflatables, is that they can be compacted down to a small size and require only minimal extra equipment to install. This means that to begin with, a large family car or small work van would suffice. If the business grows, then so too could your means of transport with it. Have the name of your company, number and email address on the transport if possible, again as a form of free advertisement. The key is to get your brand out there as much as possible. Increase your visibility, so you are known to an ever growing list of potential customers.

Take into account how far and wide you are willing to travel to. The cost of petrol can have a decisive effect on this decision, but make it clear your areas of delivery branch out to. Lastly, before taking up a venture in any inflatables product, such as sumo suit hire, be sure to research into insurance. You must be insured and your customers will want to know that you are and be needed to sign a disclaimer in case of any accident.