Placing bets on darts

As the UK is packed full of people who enjoy watching darts, it’s steadily become an interesting alternative to betting on horse racing or football. There’s more freedom in terms of the available betting markets for those who want to bet on darts, with bookmakers matching the demand of the sport by coming up with a whole host of selections for every outcome that you could possibly bet on, so having a punt on the action couldn’t be much easier.

If you’re looking to get into darts betting, it would be advised that you work out exactly how all of the markets work. This sounds like an obvious statement to make but when you look at all of the extensive markets for most betting sports, it can be hard to identify what you’re actually placing money on. You’ll find a selection of weekend tips for the darts on Team FA through their insightful previews, but if you’re still coming to terms with it, we’ve offered some hints on how you’d typically bet on darts:

Basic darts betting markets

Due to the surprisingly large demand of darts, bookmakers offer plenty of betting markets at competitive prices which cover every outcome that could potentially occur within any darts competition. Most sports primarily focus on the match result and you’ll find that with darts too, where you can back which player will win and even add on a winning margin in order to boost the odds.

This is especially useful in the circumstance where an odds-on darts favourite is playing an underdog, as adding on a winning margin or points handicap can improve an expectedly poor bookmaker price. You’ll also find this in other sports like rugby and American football, with it always being used in sporting events where there tends to be a distinct deficit between the two competing sides.

Darts points and statistics markets

After becoming better adjusted to the most basic methods of betting on darts, you’ll be ready to start moving on to the more advanced markets. These aren’t quite as threatening as they first sound, with it mostly being based around the points and statistics throughout the match that you’re betting on. This extends to factors like betting on a player to score the highest checkout, whether or not there’ll be a 170-point check-out, the total amount of points throughout the match, the race to 3 legs, and even things as hard to predict as whether there’ll be an odd or even total number of points.