Foods That Has To Be Introduced To the Baby According To Their Age

Mothers are always concerned about the health and nutrition of their baby. Especially the new mothers find it nerve wrecking if they are feeding anything wrong to the baby or not. As feeding anything wrong to the child might lead them into serious problems. Breast milk is the best for the child below 6 months.

Though there are some women who have problems with breastfeeding and therefore they can introduce synthetic food to feed their babies. This article will provide an outline on what kind of food can be introduced to the baby depending on their age. Though it is going to be a generalized suggestion as the child might be allergic to a particular kind of food whereas in case of others it might not be so.

Therefore the mothers need to consult their pediatrician prior to the introduction of a particular food to their diet. For all over development of a baby, a balanced diet should be offered so that the child can grow strong and healthy.

First stage: Offering breast milk to the baby:

It has been claimed by the doctors throughout the world that breast milk is the best thing for a newborn. It is not only beneficial for the child but the mother too gets benefits of it. Breastfeeding keeps the mother safe from the life threatening diseases like Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Immediately after birth, the doctor asks the mothers to feed their babies as it contains disease fighting properties.

Mother’s milk contains all the essential nutrients required for the baby to grow healthy. In fact, breast milk provides the child with immunity which is required to fight against the diseases like various kinds of allergies, infections and meningitis. It provides a protective coating on the intestine of the baby thus the baby suffers less from stomach infections.

Sudden Death Infant Syndrome is really rare in case of those children who are breastfed. The mother can breastfeed a child till the age of 6 months. The baby doesn’t need any other food by this age. Breast milk provides them with all the essential vitamins and minerals required for their growth.

Second stage: Introduction of semi-solid and solid food:

Even after 6 months, mothers can continue with breastfeeding till the age of 1 year or more but solid foods too must also be given along with breast milk so that they do not suffer from any kind of deficiencies. Pediatrician has to be consulted before that.

Immediately after introducing the child to the semi-solid / solid food may result in the change of their bowel movements. There is nothing to worry for that. The baby might be allergic to some of the food items and thereby the mothers must make sure to introduce a particular food and wait for a few days to check if suits the child or not. In case of the outbreak of any kind of allergy, the doctor must be consulted immediately.

Food that can be introduced after 6 months of age:

Given below are the kinds of foods which can be introduced to the baby after the age of 6 months –

  • Iron-enriched cereal: Till 6 months the child has natural supply of iron which gets diminished gradually after the age of 6 months. So, iron-rich cereals like rice, oatmeal and barley can be given to the infant. Though more than one type of cereal should not be introduced at the same time.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a protein and calcium rich content for a child. It is better if homemade yogurt can be offered to the child.
  • Beets: It is an easy to digest, highly nutrient food rich in Folic and Potassium required for the development of the baby.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are the rich source of beta-carotene which the body transforms into Vitamin A. It is often referred to as super food by the nutritionists.
  • Avocados: This is a fruit which is super tasty and it can even be introduced after the age of 6 months. It contains monounsaturated fats essential for the child.
  • Meat: Meat of either chicken or lamb must be processed in such a semi-solid way so that it gives a smooth texture and becomes easy for a child to consume. Only after 7 months it can be offered to the child. This protein rich food will make your child’s growth perfect.

Apart from the above mentioned foods apple and carrot puree, butternut squash, banana puree can also be added to the dietary chart of the child. Moreover it has to be kept in mind that the child must be offered fresh and properly cooked food.