Dark Phoenix 2019 Movie Review

Dark Phoenix tells the story about one of the most favorite X-Men party characters, Jean Grey. It shows how she evolves into the prominent Dark Phoenix.

After releasing the Dark Phoenix teaser five months ago, the Century Fox issued the official trailer. As the title of the movie suggests, the X-Men franchise movie tells about Jean Grey, one of Xavier’s pupils who wants to control her power. With the official trailer coming out, the audiences must be thrilled with the release of the movie.

Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey who is still a teenager. In the comic, Jean Grey tried to help her friend Annie Richardson. With her bizarre ability, she intended to bring the soul of her friend to the death realm to put an end of her pain. However, it made Jean got drawn to another field with Annie. Beyond her control, there was ancient cosmic energy which strikes her as hard. Thanks to this cosmic energy, she got her power. It will probably the same things happening in the movie. Dark Phoenix is a great idea for birthday party characters for your kids event.

The timeline of Dark Phoenix is the occasion after X-Men: First Class. Just like the other Marvel movies, X-Men also has a complicated schedule. If we look at the trailer, it is not the sequel of X-Men: Apocalypse or the sequel from Spin-off X-Men movie Logan. Dark Phoenix is instead an origin story.

Dark Phoenix movie will still bring up the unique X-Men elements. As a minority, the X-Men group struggles with their life. Professor X gathers all the mutants to train, feed, and protect them. The professor X gives a sanctuary for all the misfits mutants.

Jean Grey, just like the other mutants, needs time to train and control her power. However, she does not realize that her power is too dangerous to be used so that I could harm herself and people surrounding her. In the trailer, Beast confronts Professor X because of the occurrences regarding Jean Grey abilities. With such catastrophes happening because of Jean Grey’s power, Professor X (James McAvoy) said that there is nothing that can be done to fix it.

The high power which can destroy the universe. What do you think will the X-Men do to save Jean and other people from her? Dark Phoenix is slated to be one of the most expected X-Men movies. So, make sure you circle the date in your calendar and reserve your seat in the cinema.