Choosing a Sport Around Your Lifestyle

Starting a new sport is exciting, demanding and can give you a lot of fulfilment in the long run. However, jumping into the first game that takes to you might not work out with your schedule and lifestyle.

If you’re struggling for ideas or want to open your options out, here’s a look at some popular choices that might fit your lifestyle.


Anyone who works in an office or isn’t on their feet a lot might appreciate a game of weekly soccer, teamwork, skill and stamina will all get gradually better the more you play. The options for playing are limitless too, for fulltime games with 11-aside are most popular to play on Saturdays and Sundays and may involve weekly training attendance. However, there also the options to play 5 to 7-aside during the week, not as physically demanding and the games are usually played in the evenings after work hours, you’ll also find the games are shorter and more light-hearted to be involved in.


May not exactly scream sports but for a lot of people it’s the perfect exercise. After a certain number of runs, you might feel the need to enter local competitions and test yourself against others or just do it for fun. With 10km up to marathons on the table, there will defiantly be a challenge in there somewhere for you. running is known to be one of the best ways to reduce stress levels, anyone in a high-stress job or lifestyle may find running to be an easy way to relax the mind. Running can also be done when it suits you, although after work is usually better for sleeping patterns, so no matter your schedule you should be able to fit it in. Both road running and gyms are popular choices for jogging and you don’t need to spend a fortune on fitness clothing to get into it. Mens gymwear can pretty much be used for most sports, but also remember to wear what you find most comfortable, it can be old clothes if you find the tech fit clothing too tight.


Not a fan of running? Golf is the perfect option. It’s a sport you can take up for life, any age can play and it usually takes a lifetime to master. Golf is wondering around well-kept courses alone or with friends for a bit of healthy competition. Golfs not a strenuous game and can be played completely around your schedule, it’s ideal for anyone who may already have a physically demanding life and doesn’t want to further any exhaustion.


Like running, swimming is a sport that great for overall fitness. It’s a low impact exercise to get involved in meaning it isn’t too physically demanding on the body and is suitable for most. you only need access to a local pool to get involved with swimming, you could either become a member or just pay as you visit if they offer that service.


Focus, balance and strength are all attributes shown in rock climbing. Indoor climbing centres are in most towns and cities and are cheap to attend. You might feel slightly sore after the first time you try it, but there’s a lot of satisfaction in succeeding in climbing walls. Both good physically and mentally as it required a lot of focus to get up and down.

There are benefits to all sports but whatever you chose to try, even if it turns out it’s not a great choice personally, keep trying new things! You’ll end up finding a great sport to participant in which will help lower any stress, create friends and of course make you fitter!